Yokai means ghosts or monsters in Japanese. Lately I’ve been a book that I picked up over here called “Yokai Attack!”.

It’s basically a guide to Japanese monsters, which are quite different from western monsters. Like the Tengu, which is kind of  like a goblin but with wings and a long nose.

You see Tengu masks all over the place in like temples and stuff like that. Another common one in the Tanuki.

It’s a real animal, similar to a racoon. Japanese people believe Tanuki have special powers to transform into different shapes and play pranks. You often see tanuki statues outside of stores and hotels. Like in the picture below.

It’s a very interesting book filled with fables and history. I really recommend it to anyone interested in ghosts, monsters or just Japanese culture.



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2 responses to “Yokai

  1. Jojo

    Hmm…does the book have anything on how to survive an attack by Gamera?

  2. No help with Gamera. That damn guy is always flying around my house waking me up at all hours. I know he’s a hero to children, but come on!

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