Delicious Curry

In Japan you can by all kinds of delicious curry that is ready to eat. You just have to put the bag into a pot of boiling water for three minutes and then put it over rice. It’s very delicious and extremely easy. I took a few pictures of some types I’ve bought recently.

I tried this kind in Canada one time before. It’s 10 times spicier than normal curry, which is actually pretty spicy. It’s very delicious though. Which is why I tried the next one.

This one is 20 times spicier than normal curry. It was really super spicy, but it was also really good tasting. What is really unbelievable is that I saw a 30 times hotter version at 7/11. I might be brave enough to try that one in the future.

This on is called Bon Curry. It’s been around in Japan for a long time and is a constant favourite. The flavour is really good, and quite different from other brands.

This one is like an Indian curry. I have yet to try this one, but judging by the picture it looks super delicious! EDIT: I tried it, and it was quite good. Lot’s of ground meat and a different taste to the normal Japanese curry.

This last one is also like an Indian curry. It’s very different from the usual Japanese curry, which is normaly like a brown sauce. This one is like a true Indian curry, similar to Madras curry. Very, very good.



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2 responses to “Delicious Curry

  1. Jeff

    I would like an update on the spiciness of the 30x curry please.

  2. Just for you Jeff I will go and pick up the 30X spicy curry to try. I have to anyways, I’m starting to get used to the 20X. I had it today and it was too easy! I like a challenge.

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