Kakuda Plum Festival

Today was the Plum Festival in Kakuda. Kakuda is not just famous for rockets, they are also famous for plums. Well it turns out the festival is held on our street at the park one house away. Being really close I decided to check it out. Even though it was raining, a lot of people turned out for it.

One of the events was making Plum Mochi, which is a a really sticky rice pounded by a big hammer until it’s strechy.

You can see the video of them making it below. I think it could be dangerous if the timing of the two people doing it went wrong.

I’m not a big fan of mochi but Japanese people sure are! There was a very long line of for this stuff.

One of the other events was a contest to see how far you could spit a plum pit. Lots of kids tried hard to get the furthest. None went over 3 meters.

The winner of the adults competition however spit one over 10 meters, as you can see in the video below.


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