So there was a level seven earthquake about 100kms from where we live. In Kakuda it was a level five. It still was pretty crazy how much everything shook. We didn’t have any problems though, just a bicycle and one plant falling over. On the news though there was landslides in a few places and people got stuck in trains for a few hours. The trains still weren’t running that night. I was really glad I didn’t have to go to work yesterday. I would have probably got stuck on the train. So far I’ve felt 11 earthquakes since I came to Japan in April. Two of them have been big ones and the rest have been small.



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2 responses to “Earthquake

  1. Ku Ri Su

    Ever get that ghost feeling that your cell phone is vibrating when it isn’t? After living in Japan for a year and a half I would get that feeling about earthquakes. I would think “Is that an earthquake?” and it was really me shaking my knees.

    I really enjoyed them and kind miss it. Luckily the last time we visited I was able to enjoy a 2~3 magnitude.

  2. Eric

    Well after feeling a 5, 2 or 3’s aren’t that scary now.

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