“American” Cars

As you may or may not know, Japanese people aren’t really fond of buying any kind of car that isn’t Japanese. Sure you see the odd German car or very rarely maybe an Italian car, but for the most part it’s all Japanese. Well when we went to the Suzuki dealership I saw something interesting. My Father who loves American cars, especially Chevrolet will find this interesting.

This is the only Chevrolet that you can buy in Japan. What funny is it’s not even a model that is available in North America, and if you look at the bottom, It’s actually made by Suzuki. I can honestly say I’ve never seen one on the road. You can see in the commercial below clearly Chevrolet is thought of as a subdivision of Suzuki in Japan.



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4 responses to ““American” Cars

  1. keith

    actually Eric, my car is sold as a suzuki reno in the states

  2. Ian

    That car looks pretty cool…

  3. I didn’t know you like Suzuki. Oh wait you own one that’s true!

  4. Ian

    I’m sorry my truck can’t compete with your Wagon R and that is why Suzuki put Chevrolet badges on it.

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