Suzuki Palette

Today we went to to the Suzuki dealership to get the Wagon R it’s annual check up, and I saw the most amazing car. It’s called the Suzuki Palette.

This car is part of the smallest size car class, but It was the most spacious car I have ever seen. The space for the back seat was incredible. In fact you can see in a picture I scanned from the brochure a small child can stand in the space between the seats. I sat down and I had around three feet between my knees and the front seat.

The backseat can slide back and forth like the front seats so if the trunk is empty the passengers can have a lot of room. The seats also fold down flat to the floor so that you can even fit a bicycle standing up inside.

One of the most impressive things was there was no need for keys. The key fop have a transmitter in it so if you’re within a foot or two of the car it knows it’s you and you can just push a button on the door to unlock the car. Also inside there is no key hole, just a push button to start the car. So the key fop never even has to leave your pocket. That’ll keep you from locking your keys in the car! Oh, and I have to add the back doors slide open automatically by pulling the handle or using the key fop from a distance. And finally, it’s cheaper than any new car that you can buy in Canada. You can see the commercial below.



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2 responses to “Suzuki Palette

  1. keith

    what happens when the battery in the fob dies?

  2. Eric

    maybe you can keep some batteries inside the car. It still has key holes on the doors in case of emergency.

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