Tokura Temple

Today we went drive up a nearby mountain to visit Tokura temple. Once you drive up most of the way you then have to walk 10 or so up to the top of the mountain. Then you’ll get to the temple. It’s surrounded by forest and the only way up is a pretty steep path.

There’s actually a few temple there the main one is for the Buddist deity Kannon.

She’s the goddess of mercy and supposedly has one thousand arms. There was a lot of statues of her all over, as you can see below.

There was also lots of really old lion statues. They protect the temple.

Also there was a small really old Buddha statue. He had his own little temple. You can see someone left an offering of a bottle of sake.

Inside the main temple it was full of idols and golden stuff and lots of different warrior god statues.

In behind everything was a huge Kannon statue made of gold. It had lots of arms too. Sorry it was so hard to take a picture as it was dark inside and blocked by a lot of stuff.

There was a completely different large temple on the grounds.

It had a smaller shrine next to it.

Inside there was a bunch of cat gods.

They sold various charms at the temple so to increase my good fortune I decided to buy a lucky cat one.

There was many different colored cats that you might get. They give you different kinds of good fortune.

I got a white one which is for good luck with everything. You’re supposed to keep it in your wallet so the luck will be with you all the time.


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