Kozoji Temple

On Sunday Yurie and I went to visit a temple near by called Kozoji Temple. It’s supposed to be the oldest wooden building in Miyagi prefecture. It was supposedly built in 1177. It was really old looking but in good shape too.

The woods in the area around it were very beautiful. There was also some really old giant trees near the temple you can see two of them in the picture below. They have sacred ropes around them. This place is about 15 minutes from our house. Nice eh!



Filed under Japan, Kakuda, Temples

3 responses to “Kozoji Temple

  1. Ian

    Looks like a nice place but I think you posted a picture of Yurie without her approval. I think your going to be dead meat when she finds out….

  2. Eric

    How do you know it’s Yurie? It could be anyone.

  3. Ian

    It’s Yurie for sure and don’t try and hide it. You just don’t want to get in trouble with the BOSS…

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