In Japan owning or possessing firearms in super illegal. In fact not even all of the police officers are allowed to carry them. Despite that Japan still has a fascination with guns. At any toy store or big electronics store you can buy Airsoft guns, which are basically what we know in Canada as pellet guns. The thing is though these are exact replicas of real guns.

You can see in the upper right corner a sign saying don’t use it in public, because people will thing it’s a real gun. They also sell ones that look like machine guns and rifles. The run about $100 to $200 Canadian.

I apologize for the bad photos, I had to snap them quickly while the staff wasn’t looking at the store.



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5 responses to “Airsoft

  1. E Mom

    Eric, this is your mother. You had better not be buying one of these guns. It could be very dangerous.

    – Love, E Mom

  2. Eric

    I’m not going to buy one. That’s silly!

  3. Jojo

    If you could go ahead and pick up an MP40 and run through border security with it when you get to canada, I can pay you!!!!

  4. Eric

    Sure no problem. Would you like some foam grenades with that too.

  5. make it just for pleasure. maybe criminal level in japan peak. heuheuehuheuheu….

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