Real Kiaida

I got this out of a vending machine lately. It’s supposed to be an energy drink that contains caffeine, ginseng and other high power vitamins. I was attracted by the burly wrestler screaming on the can (click on the picture to get a really good look). The drink is kinda like grapefruit mixed with sweet soda and a little bit apple juice thrown in. It was actually quite delicious. I will buy it again.

Edit: Due to the hard work researching on Jeff’s part you can watch this nice Real Kiaida promo video. Good Job Jeff.



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6 responses to “Real Kiaida

  1. keith

    that guy looks pretty stoked about the drink, but I think I would buy it just cause I’m afraid that guy might hunt me down if I don’t.

  2. Jeff

    Awesome. You can almost hear explosions when you look at this can. Does the burly wrestler endorse any other products? Say a breakfast cereal?

  3. Eric

    Wow that video is something else. Good research Jeff. I’m gonna add that video to the post.

  4. This is crazy.

    I went to Japan a few months ago and had exactly the same thing, couldn’t resist to try Real Kiaida because of that screaming guy(which is a pretty bad ass design for a can energy drink). And I also took a similar photo of it:

    My Real Kiaida can

  5. Eric

    It’s almost the same picture. Thanks for the comment.

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