Weekly Famitsu

In Japan video games are so popular that the magazines come out weekly. The most popular of all of these is “Weekly Famitsu”, which has been around since the old NES (or Family Computer in Japan, Famicom for short). It often sells out very quickly too. It has articles on games of course, but also new movies, new food at convenience stores, DVDs, CDs, etc. It’s my favorite magazine to peruse when at a book store or convenience store, and occasionally I pick up a copy if the articles look interesting. Oh, and some times they feature cover models instead of game related artwork. This is common for pretty much every magazine aimed at men no matter what the subject.



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3 responses to “Weekly Famitsu

  1. Jojo

    Would have never guessed that is a copy of Famitsu

  2. Eric

    I know. It almost looks like a fashion magazine or something.

  3. Jeff

    They should have put her in a bikini.

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