Kakuda in Space

One of the cool things about Kakuda is that most of the stuff for the Japanese space program is made here, including rockets. One of the ways they show how proud of it they are is the really cool manhole covers all over town.



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4 responses to “Kakuda in Space

  1. gerd

    Oh this is a wonderful manhole pic!
    I collect since some years those pics, so i will aks you for a better resution of this pic!
    if you have more manhole pics, i will ask alos if you are willing to share it with me.
    it is only for my very PRIVATE collection.
    My pics you can see on http://www.Flickr.com —-> gerd2007

    Please answer first here; then I will give you an account with more webspace for pics!

    Thanks for a reply!

  2. I’d be glad to give you a copy of it in full resolution. I have it in 3072 x2304, the size is about 2.75mb. It’s the only one I have right now. Let me know how you want me to send it to you.

  3. gerd

    Please send the pic-file to this account:
    macgerd (at) t-online.de Instead of (at) use please @!
    Thanks a lot”

  4. I sent off the picture. You should have it by now. Enjoy.

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