Shanghai Part 2

Later in our trip we went to one of the oldest parts of Shanghai. There wasn’t many tourists here, mostly just Chinese people.

There was a lot of really old and beautiful buildings here. Many shops and restaurants.

We went during lunch time so it was quite packed with people. they had lots of different things to eat like dumplings,soups, and lots of kinds of meat, including all of the gross parts like pigs noses and pigeons on a stick.

There was a nice picturesque river running through the area too.

The only bad part was quite a few places had a dish called stinky tofu. Which is basically rotten tofu that smells like very vile garbage. I wanted to take a picture of it to show people, but the smell was so bad that I didn’t want to get too close to it!



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3 responses to “Shanghai Part 2

  1. Niall

    stinky tofu doesn’t sound so bad… i’m sure i’ve had worse at the clocktower
    seriously shanghai looks very cool (no present only the future and the past)
    you should post some pictures of you and yuri (keep them pg)

  2. Eric

    The reason for no pics of present day Shanghai, it was very dirty and broken down looking. All pictures of Yurie need approval from the editor in chief before posting. This process is a long and grueling procedure. Stinky tofu is THAT bad!

  3. keith

    I tried stinky tofu in Taiwan and almost threw up, it tastes exactly as it smells.

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