Home base!

Well this is where I live in Japan. I don’t actually live in Sendai right now, I’m actually in Kakuda, which is pretty damn close to Sendai. The wife and I live in the building to the right. As you can see there is quite an elaborate garden behind that stone wall. Maybe I’ll show some pictures in a future post.



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6 responses to “Home base!

  1. Jojo

    Are you hiding in that garden?

  2. Eric

    Yes, I wear a little pointy hat and hide in the bushes.

  3. Ku Ri Su

    do you jump out and scare the little kids? Don’t think you would need the hat for that.

    How does it feel to be the crazy “gaijin”?

  4. Jeff Preshing

    You need to upload an MP3 of yourself speaking Japanese. I would pay to hear it.

  5. Niall

    great to hear from you – how was the trip over and the holiday in shanghai? – looks like some pretty sweet digs – i like the choice of name for the blog although a bit tamer than what was suggested after a few beers…

  6. Eric

    I don’t need to jump out to scare kids, they are just scared of me naturally. The way they stare at me, apparently I’m the first white guy they’ve ever seen.

    Shanghai stuff will be coming in some future posts very soon.

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